cross object report Contacts & Deals


Cross object report nicely gives the contacts and the deals. 


Deal 1Contact 1
Deal 1Contact 2
Deal 2Contact 2
Deal 3Contact 3



I am tabulating contact details that I cannot get from single object Deal reports. 


But ...  Deal 4 does not have an ASSOCIATED CONTACT. It happens. 

And it is missing from the report. 


No filter tricks. With the same set of filters on the DEAL, with single object report, I get the expected report:

Deal 1Contact 1, Contact2
Deal 2Contact 2
Deal 3Contact 3
Deal 4 


I understand with Null fields, doing JOIN/MERGE could give surprises to any of us but ... I am missing Deal 4 from my purely innocent list.


I think cross object reports are generated across:

Deals with Associated Contact count KNOWN

Contacts with Associated Deals count KNOWN


So that the MERGE/JOIN works LEFT TO RIGHT and RIGHT TO LEFT will yield the same result. 


Deals with NO CONTACTS


Contacts with no DEALS are excluded. 


Any plans for sided LEFT/RIGHT JOINS?