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Add ability to convert an active list to a static list - this would allow for a list used for a targeted email to then be converted so new contacts could not be added, creating a snapshot in time.


Most lists are used multiple times, but some event invites are only used once - the problem with keeping them active is not that the list stays current, but that many "new" contacts are automatically enrolled in numerous lists because they meet the criteria of multiple lists previously used.


Deleting the list is not a viable solution, as the email sends are missing the info to link back to.


Alternatively, allow the ability to archive an active list so that no new contacts are added once archived.

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Would also find this functionality very useful, as sometimes you need an active list for a while ( event campaign for example, when new leads are coming in) but at a point you cannot keep adding contacts to it for example in the case of an event, when the event is over. Being able to convert this list to a static one would solve this problem. 



This feature would be very helpful


Agreed. The ability to convert an active list to a static one would be great, but then I guess it would limit your opportunity to upsell us on the next subscription plan...

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cleaning up 600 + active lists that you really need static (for historical purposes) 3 days in and nowhere near done... Tried to make a video to show how time-consuming this is but can't upload it.  Really could use the ability to convert from active to static.

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Hi All! I Thanks @Anonymous 

I just tried and it is really simple, a few clicks, as follows.


In the list click - Options > Clone > Change Active list to Static List > (Change in the name Cloned to static) > Save.


So that is 4+ clicks.


Similar to what @birdman mentioned, the issue is it will have a new URL and List ID so for my use case, I want to replace the Active list with the new static list in my other lists. So I click on the Used in number to the right of the old list, and need to go into each list and change the list condition from the Active to the Static one... That can be an easy task or huge, depending on how many dependancies there are for that list. Only then would I be able to delete the old list.


Also there is the issue @Msyvrais pointed out, that there is no way to see what the criteria were.


@ReneePunzi It does seem that it would make Hubspot work much faster for us if we have many lists which are active changed to be static.


@david-cook-ome no need to make a filter to find whoever is a member of the active group, as above. Unless you want to keep the Active list and are just making the Static list in order to add or remove people from it.


Here is a workaround for that. You can add a field called "List trigger", and add a condition in your Active list that says Or Contact has "List trigger" has ever been equal to any of {listID} and then you set that field with that value so the contact will be added to the Active list. You can do the same to exclude anyone from the list, just ADD a condition "has never been equal to any"...

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Would love this feature to be able to "archive" some previous active lists (for example after CRM clean-up or events, etc.)


I can only cry again about the lack of very basic features.


Yes - we also want to have the ability to convert an active list into a static list or at least be able to create a snapshot of it current members.




Hey you can actually do this now! Inside your active list, choose Actions and then Clone. Then you can clone the list as a static list.


Actions >> CloneActions >> Clone

That is not the same.. as the list identifier will change. Cloning is not the same as converting.