convert active to static list

Add ability to convert an active list to a static list - this would allow for a list used for a targeted email to then be converted so new contacts could not be added, creating a snapshot in time.


Most lists are used multiple times, but some event invites are only used once - the problem with keeping them active is not that the list stays current, but that many "new" contacts are automatically enrolled in numerous lists because they meet the criteria of multiple lists previously used.


Deleting the list is not a viable solution, as the email sends are missing the info to link back to.


Alternatively, allow the ability to archive an active list so that no new contacts are added once archived.

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I mistakenly created an active list instead of of a static one. 

Should I understand from your post that there is no turning this list to a static status once it's created? 

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The ability to change an active list to be static would be great. 


Additionally, the ability to add contacts to an active list. Often the contacts being added are coming from multiple sources, and some have to be added manually.