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convert active to static list

Add ability to convert an active list to a static list - this would allow for a list used for a targeted email to then be converted so new contacts could not be added, creating a snapshot in time.


Most lists are used multiple times, but some event invites are only used once - the problem with keeping them active is not that the list stays current, but that many "new" contacts are automatically enrolled in numerous lists because they meet the criteria of multiple lists previously used.


Deleting the list is not a viable solution, as the email sends are missing the info to link back to.


Alternatively, allow the ability to archive an active list so that no new contacts are added once archived.

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December 19, 2022 10:49 AM

Hi folks,


Thank you so much for upvoting this idea. I'm happy to announce that the ability to convert an active list to a static list is now available for all portals. When you now convert an active list to a static list, all your references as well as the list ID will remain the same. 


To convert an active list to static go to any List > Actions > Convert to Static.

convert to static.png


Thank you again for your help pushing ideas forward.

Andres Bustos- Product Manager

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I mistakenly created an active list instead of of a static one. 

Should I understand from your post that there is no turning this list to a static status once it's created? 




The ability to change an active list to be static would be great. 


Additionally, the ability to add contacts to an active list. Often the contacts being added are coming from multiple sources, and some have to be added manually.

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This would be excellent! We collect leads at a show through the duration of the show and once the show is complete we would like to maintain that list so that even though the contact might not meet the criteria of the active list anymore they still are documented in that show event list.


so much love for this idea. 


This would be great. Sometimes the easiest way to remove contacts is to manually take them off a list. Starting with dynamic and changing to static would be super helpful for this.

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You could create a new static list, and use the criteria 'list membership' and chose your active list. 


This means you are essentially cloning the active list but into a static one 🙂 

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@EllaHarvey93This is what I do now but it's a pain in the butt.


However, when you delete the original static list - the criteria on the left just looks blank and it could be confusing for someone who is new coming into your org. Also way to many "clicks"  for some this might seem small in the grand scheme of it all but when you are a large org with a huge workload each click counts.


Being able to convert to a static in the same manner you can lets say convert a regular email to an automated email with a single drop down click would save a bunch of unnecessary actions/clicks/time.


Yes. Yes!


I found a work around where I didn't want new contacts added to an active list so I used the contact property "create date" to filter so that only contacts creadted BEFORE a certain date would be added to the list. So all new contacts I upload now don't go into that "active" list. It's not perfect because I can't add any new contacts to that list like I could if it was static, but for my purposes I don't need to. Maybe that can help someone. 

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@AFMerlinIt's a good workaround in some cases. If the list is populated by a property that is either cleared or replaced with a new value at any given time it alters your list (removing them for example) unless you use the "has ever been" field but that isn't always a good idea either.


Really being able to take an active and change it static when you deem it "time" to no longer alter would be the best really. Like ok let's freeze this list of folks NOW instead we have to create a new static list that is populated by THAT active list then delete the active list (SO MANY CLICKS). It's not efficient.


I see it's pretty easy to simply clone an active list into a static one, but just to reconfirm... if you then delete the active list, does it leave the static list intact?


Explore selecting all the contacts and then on "More" dropdown there is a "Add to static list" option.

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Another vote for being able to convert an Active List to a Static List please. Is there any update to this request please, since it has 36 votes? I'm also creating Lists for events, but once the event has passed, we don't want to enroll new members by accident into to the list. I see there are a number of workarounds, but the ideal would be to essentially 'freeze' what was an Active List, as others have suggested above - so it can still be used as a filter, and we can still retain tracking history. 


Also, there are limits in some Plans on the number of Active Lists you create, so this quickly eats into your 'allowance' for those clients on the simpler Plans. Another reason for being able to perhaps not 'count' previously Active, but now inactive, Lists?


Look forward to some #HubSpot feedback Cat Tongue


I support this idea. To add to the need: 
- Keep the list name

- Keep the list URL


So needed functionality. It is too inefficient to add 18k contacts manually to Static list from Active one.


@Maryna123 You can always clone an active list and set it as static. But in case the active list is being used in workflows or views for instance, you cannot simple delete it.


Thanks! It works. 


This would be super helpful... I agree that the problem here isn't that we are unable to `clone` an active list and create a new static one pulling from the `List Membership` of the prior active - sure, it's possible but so painful.


The problem is simply a workflow issue - this takes at least 11 clicks (I just counted) to convert an active list to a static one, not including the typing of the name of the prior list when searching for members enrolled in it. Imagine having to do this for 15-20 active lists because your quarter just finished and your events are no longer applicable, and you realize that we're losing literally hours of time on something that should be easily scripted. 


Please, I know it's not a high priority item for you, but you'd make a lot of people very happy and improve customer loyalty if you could knock this out. 🙏

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@david-cook-ome100% what you said!


Yes - also wondering if the performance of hubspot might be getting affected by all of my unnecessary active lists?