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control modules availibilty via theme settings

As many of you know themes can come with a lot of modules which may not be used by the marketers. If they don't use it parts of it shouldn't be rendered to achieve smaller CSS/JS.


It would be great if the developers could access the "is_availible_for_new_content" from the modules meta.json via the themes fields.json file. 


possible usecase:

An accordion module with multiple settings in the theme fields.json (background color, padding...)


The CSS part looks currently something like this 



background: {{theme.modules.accordion.background.color}};
padding: {{theme.modules.accordion.vert_padding + 'rem'}} {{theme.modules.accordion.vert_padding + 'rem'}}




A developer can disable/enable the whole part with a boolean and an if-statement. But this doesn't have an impact on the module usability - therefore it's not really needed.


Would be great if the devs could change the module meta.json like this


"is_available_for_new_content" : {{theme.modules.accordion.toggle_visibility}}