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content inventory report for files

Who: marketers

goal: track content, identify gaps in the buyer journey, centralize efforts

value: not managing an external resource


It would be great if the files in HubSpot File Manager could have a tagging system, with default properties for things like: buyers journey stage, persona, document type (ebook, guide, etc.) and also custom properties to classify files internally.


With this data available, it would then be ideal to have reporting capability so that a Content Inventory Tracking report could be created and actioned against.

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@Jnix284 I love this idea and think it would go a long way toward improving the ease of use of the File Manager and promoting better file storage habits.  I've seen many File Managers as a complete mess because folks do not want to take the time to create folders and move files rigorously.  This methodology is difficult to stick to because it's easy to upload a new file to the File Manager and not even realize where you are saving it.  For example, you can quickly upload a new image file when creating a new blog post, email, or social post.  But where is it saved?  Did I put it in the correct, meticulously crafted eight-folder deep location?  Adding a couple of tags, like you've mentioned, at the time of uploading and then being able to search by those tags or custom properties later would go a long way.



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@klloyd__1  yes, another great use case! I have long wished for alt tags to be controlled globally in file manager and really wish there was a way to implement this - even if it has to be via opt-in, but tagging and centralizing these key marketing efforts would go a long way towards cleaner data and file management.