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bulk enroll companies in workflows

Just like one can bulk enroll contacts in workflows (like from a list of contacts), one should be able to bulk enroll companies in workflows (eg, maybe also from a list or view of companies).


In my use case, I wanted to change the deal stage of all deals associated with a list of companies that had specific characteristics, which I could easily create as a company list or view. The only way I could figure out how to do this was instead put all the criteria for the company list into the workflow trigger, which works, but is not helpful as the workflow would have to be changed every time the company criteria changes.

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Agreed - it seems wholly inconsistent to have Company lists that can't be used for either manual enrollment in Company workflows OR where membership can't be used as a trigger for a Company workflow.


I fully agree and support this idea as well. I've encountered the exact same situation today.


Please consider also upvoting this idea, as it's in the same vein as the one here. Hopefully we can get these ideas on the radar of HubSpot's product team.


it's ridiculous that i'm going through a list of companies to enroll them

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In fairness, HubSpot has improved one aspect of this situation since my original cry for help. You can now use list membership as a trigger for Company workflow enrollment - but lists are still not offered for manual workflow enrollment (in the workflow app or the tools app)


The change was made silently, like so many things that have irked us in project efforts. So credit for the response Team HubSpot, but please provide some heads-up for such changes - similar to the weekly API newsletter etc.

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Agree in this - should be easy to bulk enrol!

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Can't understand why Contacts can be bulk enrolled but Companies can't. It doesn't have much sense. Please add this.

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Same for deals btw!


Small workaround: You can select all your companies that meet certain criteria (i.e. the ones you want to enroll) and give them a value in a property. You can use a re-usable 'select' checkbox for example. 


Then use 'select = yes' as your enrollment trigger (and clear the property again at the end). 


I agree with this, we should have the same capabilities as with contacts


Agree with this as well.