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bulk add collaborators to deals

Would be great to have the tools to bulk add collaborators to deals in Hubspot so when we have a new colleague join us we can add them into their partners deals as they work together on each of them. Currently new collaborators need to be manually added to each chosen deal on each pipeline which is incredibly laborious for Admin

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Adding on to this idea, the current design of the "Add" collaborators button to deals is slightly confusing


If there's an existing collaborator, the "Add" button is greyed out which is misleading. To add more, you need to remove existing collaborators and add them again


If we could simply add on these collaborators that'll be great


adding to this idea - would be great to also add this feature in the workflows - the same way you can rotate a record to a new deal owner, would be great to have the functionality to add collaborators via workflow. 


I agree with all of the above regarding bulk adding collaborators and the manual time needed to update these individually. To add one more idea, it would be nice to have collaborator groups of people that can all be added a given deal at once. 


Adding (and removing) collaborators by bulk edit and/or by workflow is going to be a necessity for certain use cases. For example, if one team member is going to be out for a while, we want to set a collaborator for all of their active deals. Currently that's a slow, manual process, and there's no reason why it should be.


It would be super helpful to be able to assign Deal Collaborator through a workflow. I am able to create a new property of "Deal Collaborator" and assign collaborators that way- but it doesnt make sense that I cannot do it through the feature provided by HubSpot. 


+1 for allowing collaborator additions/edits via workflows. This would allow failry complex logic to decide when, where, how, and who to add as collaborators.


+1 for bulk editing for collaborators.  Prior to this field, we created 5 custom properties for team members associated with a deal. Would like a workflow to bulk update the collaborators field than manually. 


+1 for adding a feature to add and modify collaborators via workflows


This should also apply to other "Associations." All of those edits are very manual, and being able to do more than one at a time would be a huge time-saver.


Adding on this Idea. It would be great if there's also other labels for the Collaborator. Right now, we can only see the "Deal Owner," and the other name has no labels. Assumign there would be multiple collaborators; it's easier if there are labels for collaborators as well


I am adding my support for an enhancement to allow adding deal collaborators based on groups/teams, which is already a function of user management. It just needs to be mapped to the deal collaborators widget.


This can NOT be updated in an export either. 😞

@JCraft2Associations can be updated in import though.

Thanks for the comment. Yes, that works to a point, but it’s not fool proof and each deal still needs to be touched manually. If teams were able to be assigned (which are already as user management function) to deals, one could just add/remove members from respective teams and accomplish this in a few minutes instead of hours or days.

+1 on this for auto-assignment of deal collaborator through workflow. Our use-case for this: we have a team who is the first touchpoint with leads, then schedules a demo through a meeting link connected to separate team when the lead is ready. We use a workflow update the owner of the deal when it changes hands to the new demo rep, but it would be great to auto-assign the deal collaborator.


We use deal owners and csm owners, so having both added automatically through workflow to the deal collaborators would help and ensure they inherit them deals in their focused views "Deal I'm collaborating on".


I also agree with the other users, I would enjoy this feature. The following functionality would be ideal:
Automate collaborators

Bulk add collaborators


Absolutely agreed - need the functionality to set Deal Collaborators by workflow, so for example Assistants helping Sales Agents who are Deal Owners can automatically be made Collaborators on the Deal by Workflow


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Hello! There's any update?

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Would be a great to see this!


Don't understand why HubSpot always done a half-assed job.  Being able to mass import/update should be given by default.

Don't bother to try mass upload through API, because they locked it there as well.

I predict this will still be a problem after at least another 18 months or longer.