better form follow-ups

Hi team, I would like to suggest some improvements for form follow-up, the simple ones that are available when forms are created.


1. Add personalization tokens. We live in the age of personalization, customers expect it. Sending an email that starts with Hi there is simply not acceptable anymore.

2. Add a delay or time settings before the first email in the set. We want these emails to look natural and we also want to have time for the persona who filled in the form to click the double opt-in link if necessary. We can set delays at all other steps. It should be possible at the beginning as well.

3. Add Html editing. Being able to add the company logo and a button would be the very minimum for these emails to be useful to marketers. Of course

4. Add the option to personalize the send from field to "contact owner" instead of everyone getting emails from the same person. 

5. Allow for more than 3 emails. Sirius Decisions reported that 80% of sales require more than five follow-ups. In fact, multiple sources report that this number has increased to eight or more.