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be able to fix the width of the columns in record view

Hi team,  posting on behalf of my customer: 


It would be great to be able to set the width for each columns in a saved view so that we can see more columns appear at one glance. Being able to customise this view will be really beneficial as everytime we make changes to the width of the column they are reverted back when we refresh the page. 

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This is a very helpful function. Thank you very much, great team! 😊


Yes, we need the option to set the width of columns, have more screen 'real-estate' within HS to see more rows, and be able to freeze the initial column, so we don't have to scroll back and forth horizontally.


I agree with Andrei.   I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts some of which don't apply in HubSpot to start with.  Tabbing through is cumbersome.    It reduces efficiency to have to reach down for your mouse to scroll whenever you need to see columns to the right.


I have resorted to opening a contact twice - once on one monitor and another on the second monitor.    That is a solution for those lucky enough to have two monitors!    

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