automatically move images uploaded via a form to the HS file manager


Currently images uploaded via a website form exist in HS but are hard to find. You must go to Marketing > Forms > Client's Form > Submissions tab. This shows all submissions made using the form. Hover over any contact and click the View Submission button. You’ll see the links in the pop-up window. Currently there is no way to use this in a workflow to automatically put these files within the file manager (Marketing > Files and Templates > Files) and organize them in ways other than by contact name. It would be nice to be able to include these file upload fields within workflows to better organize them and use in other ways. 

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What you are describing is actually how it used to be, and it was an utter nightmare! We were extremely grateful to have the form submission images removed from file manager and stored separately. If this is added, please consider making it a choice within the portal so it can be kept as-is if preferred.

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It would be handy to set in the form settings that files uploaded go to the contact record and to a specified folder in the File Manager.