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automate cancellation of recurring payments with stripe integration

Currently, when using the stripe integration in a quote, recurring payments have to be manually cancelled in stripe, when the defined period for the article is over. That is because the Stripe Integration cannot be used with a defined period in the quote. All articles with recurring payments must have an unlimited period (e.g. billing frequency: monthly, period = 0).


It does not help when you want to speed up and automate your processes. Having Stripe/Hubspot automatically cancel the payments when the defined period is over, would really help. 

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Hey @AHamade,

Have you considered using Zaybra to connect your Stripe and HubSpot accounts? It has a quote that can create subscriptions in Stripe (like you're already doing). But it also has a cancellation workflow action that allows you to set the cancellation date for a subscription in Stripe.


With the workfkow action at your disposal, you could set up an automation the sets a newly made subscription to cancel on a given date. Would that solve your problem?


-David Staat