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Would it be possible to make attachments in emails (in contacts, tickets and inbox) downloadable? Images embedded directly in the email can also be recognized.


Always in a separate tab and then downloading with the right mouse button is really tiring.


A button to download all attachments at once would also be great, but I would be happy with all of them individually 😉


I embedded a graphic - this is how I could imagine it, for example.


Thanks, Harry


Screenshot 2024-02-13 1226502.jpg

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In HubSpot email attatchments are only allowed in one-to-one emails because attachments in marketing emails can greatly impact the deliverability due to a number of factors that can get your email sent to spam or reported by recepients. You could however upload a zip file to your file manager and link to it if you're okay with having to compile those images together yourself:


<a href="/your/zip/file/">Download Attatchments</a>


This will open a new tab but from their directly opens a file save window to save the file.


Hello @alyssamwilie .


Thank you for your quick answer, but I think I was misunderstood.


I don't want to add attachments, I want to download attachments that we receive from our customers via email (and ticket) for further processing.

Our support department works exclusively with the ticket system and receives many photos and PDF files, some of which need to be added to our cloud. A download function for these attachments would certainly be worthwhile.


I hope I expressed myself more clearly this time 😉

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@HarryMeise Ah, that makes soooo much more sense. Thanks for clarifying. 




we got now the feedback from our customers, which are very suprised and said that the whole ticket system is bull**bleep**, because it can be used only for writing a text 😞  Also, if we closed a ticket, the customer is not able anymore to reopen it or add a comment to it to reopen the ticket. 


They get the function to attach a file to a ticket, but we can't download it by our self! For what is that option usefull?
If we receive an excel file from a customer, the browser tries to open it (w.t.f and Why that? For what purpose?!?)

If we attach a new file for the customer, he is also not able to download that file. Why in **bleep** is the option "attach attachment" present, if you can not use any attachment that was uploaded?


It is maximal frusttrating for all of our customers, that they have to open a ticket now, descibe the text within and send us a second mail after that which contains the attachment to that ticket.


If you (as Hubspot) provide the option to upload a file, what is the idea behind to miss the option to download that file??