HubSpot Ideas


allowlist email domains for testing and notifications and security purposes


As a security measure businesses need to be able to lockdown who can receive hubspot system emails as well locking down who can recieve previews of any marketing emails.

Hubspot users with access to email marketing tools are free to create preview recipients at any email domain. This current list needs to be editable, but ideally this should either be an approved list of emails or email domains.

Echoing another ideas post, currently when sending out test emails in marketing tools there is no way to audit who sent or received test emails.

Given the need for business to maintain security and confidentiallity around unreleased materials, Hubspot needs to be able to restrict sending of emails to an an approved list of email addresses or email domains. Ideally this would be a allowlist section available in the setting section of Hubspot.

Google Ads has a similar mecahnisum for restricting access to the portal.

Additionally to this, using the above allowlist would make it far much easier to allow distribution of notifications, such as form submission notices. The current set up requires users to be added to Hubspot, when in fact they only need to be made aware of submissions, but do not need access to the platform.

The recent policy update requiring all users is combersome and adds complexity in adding unecessary users to a hubspot portal.

Use of this allowlist could be extended futher to help remove internal/staff, third-party partners and development activities from being included in real stats and reporting. It would provide much greater accuracy.