adding unsubscribe link to CTA

It would be great to be able to add an unsubscribe link to CTA buttons in emails. Currently, you can only add it to plain text in emails. 

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I'd like to see this functionality added also.

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Especially with GDPR rolling out and so many opt-in campaigns going on. I want the Opt-in/Subscription links to STAND OUT. You know, call some people to action and what not. 


The email/CTA functionality & customization is still so limited. But, hey, at least the new site design looks good....

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Yes, was hoping for this as well. Trying to clean up our lists, but it is not easy with the limitations...

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+1 on this idea

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Would really like to see this implemented. +1

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+1 we require this functionality as well. Was surprised to discover this is not currently available...  

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You can make buttons that link to the unsubscribe page.  You just have to do it on the template side, inside the Design Manager.  In there, you can create buttons that have options for "Email Subscription Link", and you can select "Unsubscribe All".  That will have HubSpot automatically place the unsubscribe link for the contacts email address in your selected button.  It's not an option in the CTA area, with those specific buttons, but it is possible to have them in your emails.  Not sure if HubSpot just added that ability, but I was able to do it.


Again, you would have to build your template to have a Button, instead of a CTA.  Then you can select that button inside your email and select those options describe above.  You wouldn't be able to track it across the board like a CTA button, but you can make them into action buttons.


Or just make the button inside the editor itself and use the shortcode variable {{ unsubscribe_link_all }}.  That works too.