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add raw html/css forms to ANY paid plan

I love the platform but the fact that getting raw html/css forms  cost so much more than the starter it is a bit ridiculous.


Having to pay $800 a month to get that basic simple feature it is a bit outrageous.


Because of that, I use other tools that cost 1/6 of the HubSpot Professional monthly cost PER YEAR. They really should add that feature to the Starter plan.




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Yeah, I have to agree with this.


The ability to override forms on any paid plan is a pretty basic requirement that you'll find in pretty much every other similar software.

The trouble is it impacts data and reporting. Instead of making do with custom styling (which is incredibly limited), dev teams end up using WordPress plugins or native forms, because they can have more oversight on the style.


The result is a poorer quality of data to use and report on.


Would be great if this could be opened up to anyone paying for HubSpot.

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Totally agree here too. It's a must !