add cc in sales templates

Hello. I want to tweak an email template that we use to follow up after a sales call. I'd like to be included as a cc on thise emails whenever one of my colleagues send it out but I can't see how that would be possible

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Yes, this! Our teams use a robust set of templates daily and our current workaround is to add the list of CC'd email addresses to the title of the email template, then copy paste into the CC line. It isn't a great work around. Given the limited iframe the platform uses for updating creating and using templates is a real struggle to include CC's on a templated email.

Please add this idea!


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Yes !! We need this, on our service side we work with alot of third party companies and it would be helpful if their contacts are in CC by default  on the templates so that we don't have to look up their contact everytime we send an email - which is often.. this would be an amazing added feature