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ability to cc contacts on a marketing email

I need to cc people on marketing emails. For example, sometimes I need to send a marketing email to a business owner w/ a cc of that email to their assistant. Simply adding the assistant to the recipient list on the marketing email does not achieve my goal.  In my example, both the owner and assistant need to see that the other has been copied.

Please "vote" for this if it makes sense to you too! 🙂

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This is currently a major "issue" for our company, this is because usually the C level prospect has their assistant reading the emails; This addition will help the team to better address the lead when we invite them to events (the main reason for us to use marketing emails), hope this is taken in consideration


+1 to this! When emailing C-Level folks, it's important to be able to send the email to their assistants or other designated team members via a CC.


This would be a significant value add to our marketing emails. Our use case is to cc our partner companies when emailing their client database, this will add credibility to the email, increasing open, click and reply rates