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Zoom webinar registrants not synced in HubSpot if Contact non-primary email address used to register

If a pre-existing HubSpot contact registers for a Zoom webinar using a non-primary email address (ie an alternative email address on their contact record in HubSpot) then the Contact is not added as a registrant nor attendee for the webinar. 

This means when using active lists for registrants or attendees of a specific webinar, for example, we have to use Zoom as the source of truth, check Zoom data to HubSpot and then find who is missing in HubSpot and manually add them to the active list with email filters and manually add tasks to follow up.

Also, if you then change the primary email address for those affected Contacts it still doesn't add those Contacts to the active list because the sync triggers at the time of registration only.

It would be very helpful if the Zoom integration with HubSpot can look at the alternative email addresses held on the contact record as well as the primary email address.

So many people have different email addresses and don't consistently use just one! Thanks.

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This is absolutely essential! All our Zoom webinar registration/attendance numbers are off because we have many contacts with alternate email addresses that are sometimes used for webinar registration. Anything that ties to a primary email should also tie to an additional email. Please fix!!!!


Same problem for me! please solve 


Was this ever solved? We are having the same issue.


I am also having this issue. It defeats the purpose of having these synced when I have to comb through and manually add numerous people that were missed. Hope it is resolved asap. Does anyone know how to notify Zoom? Is this a Zoom or Hubspot issue?


Same problem. Please fix this. Going through these manually is such a waste of time...