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Zoom properties

Certain information that is collected by Zoom is not transferred to HubSpot, the following additional properties are required for the following reasons:


1. Time in Session (minutes) for each webinar

By knowing how long someone attended a session informs how you communicate to this contact, knowing if someone joined for 2 minutes or for 60 minutes is a useful insight.


2. Attended status for each webinar

By giving the attended status it is easier to segment the contact and communicate more effectively to those who attended or didn't attend.


3. Registered zoom join link for each webinar

The join link needs to be provided per event as people can register for a number of events. If the join link is stored for each registered event then a reminder email with the applicable join link can be sent. Currently the last registered zoom link is not applicable for the first event that the contact registered for and therefore a reminder email with the join link can't be sent.


Zoom offers all of this information, it's just about passing it to and storing it in HubSpot.


2 Replies
Contributor | Diamond Partner

This would be an important enhancement to the Zoom integration especially with the increase in number of webinars been run with Zoom meetings for the additional functionality. With hybrid work and blended learning increasing this allows people to better understand engagement - this would be a great addition to any lead scoring matrix!

Participant | Diamond Partner

This feature is really needed!