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Zoom integration should include Webinar name

I've set up the Zoom webinar/HubSpot integration but am disappointed that so fields of data are available in HubSpot, especially key ones like webinar name. I want to keep things simple in this integration and not write code. Is there any way to extend the data properties available, please, in order to make the creation of reports and dashboards easier?

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OMG we need this 🙂


We need this too! We keep getting the Zoom ID but no the name. Frustrating. 

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HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer -


Currently the only default zoom properties available from the integration are:

  • Average Zoom webinar attendance duration
  • Last registered Zoom webinar
  • Total number of Zoom webinar registrations
  • Total number of Zoom webinars attended

It'd be amazing to have Webinar Names and IDs stored as contact properties as well, or perhaps a multi-checkbox/multi-line property to keep track of all attended webinars. 🙂


This would be absolutely amazing - would love to be able to build reports and give full and detailed insights in registered/attended.