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Zoom Phone calling integration

I would like to use ZoomPhone to call natively from within Hubspot. 

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Status atualizado para: Not Currently Planned
February 11, 2022 11:38 AM

Hi All


Thanks for your interest and requests for a Zoom Phone integration with HubSpot. 

HubSpot currently does not have plans to develop a Zoom Phone integration. 


However, our partners over at Zoom have just launched their own Zoom Phone integration for HubSpot. 

You can find in on HubSpots Marketplace Listing here

We are in close collaboration with Zoom on this project. We would love to hear your feedback, feel free to leave a review on the marketplace listing. 





Status atualizado para: Not Currently Planned
June 16, 2021 06:21 PM

Hello HubSpot community,

Thank you for your continued feedack here. As you may have seen, we've recently improved our integration with Zoom. 

Improving this integration with more robust functionality specific to Zoom Phone is absolutely on a list of things we’d like to do. However, the list of calling specific improvements is long and time and resources are limited.  So, building this functionality is ultimately a question of priorities and this is a lower priority compared to some of the other things we’re working on right now. We're continuing to keep an eye on the use cases provided in this idea and are always re-evaluating our top priorities, we'll be sure to update this thread when this is a more near-term deliverable.

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It would be great to be able to integrate and log calls from the Zoomphone, just like zoom meetings and webinar.




Zoom phone is a great calling tool that makes sense to have integrated with Hubspot.
The sooner the better!!

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Would be great to have Zoom Phone integrated.


The addressbook isn't the problem, we can sync it with your own PieSync. We sync HubSpot to O365 but can also be Google Contacts. And Zoom Phone has a native addressbook integration with Google and Microsoft. 


But would also great to have phone activity synced to HubSpot like HubSpot's own Phone integration or tools like Aircall. 


And a nice feature would be to have a automatic callback after a HubSpot form is submitted. 


+1, let us use our hubspot call minutes that way please


+1 Definitely need this. A call pop showing a preview or link to the contact record in Hubspot for calls that come through Zoom Phone would solve a lot of problems for us.


Edit: I want to clarify that receiving inbound calls would be important.


+100000 to this, full zoom phone support is needed. zoom phone has a native salesforce integration.


Need Zoom Phone integrated into HubSpot ASAP!


C'mon HubSpot, this integration should be pretty easy. Please!


HI, Can we please have this. zoom phone integrates with Hubspot make so many things easy for us 



It's Q4. Please and thank you, Hubspot!


+10000 this integration is way past due.


This needs to be done ASAP. The amount of time this integration/phone bridge would save is extremely high. Think about the amount of reporting insight you would receive. It's one thing to see calls, but what ones were connected, how long were the calls, you could record automatically and save to the HubSpot record.


Hubspot is the centre of all our business activities and we already use it for outbound calls. Make sense to also use it to manage inbound calls, transfers to extensions and everything else a PABX would otherwise offer.

So if thats Zoom Phone then great otherwise something else but we need it directly integrated with Hubspot.


Team HubSpot - Is this something you will ever respond to or reply to? 


Yes this would be a killer integration and the ideas are already setup.  It seems Zoom Call integrates with SalesForce so this can be a good selling point for HubSpot


Yes, this is a key requirement for us.  We do all our call recording within Zoom Phone and all our inbound / outbound calling is in Zoom Phone. We need to integrate this with Hubspot.  I was surprised that this integration was not already in place.  In the last month, two of my clients also moved to Zoom Phone. This would be a popular feature.

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Like the other comments, we are looking at phones at the moment. Reviewing Aircall and Zoom Phone. Zoom is priced very attractively, and the Hubspot integration would make it a no brainer. 


The native Zoom phone interface isn't great, but with a Hubspot integration, we could bypass the native interface and use it exclusively through Hubspot.


To clarify: Today,  Hubspot does not integrate with Zoom Phone.  It only integrates with Zoom Meetings.  The current Hubspot dialing solution is not integrated with the rest of our Zoom phone features.

We need it integrated as we have call recording requirements within Zoom.  Until it is integrated, we cannot use Hubspot for dialing or calls.