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Zoom/HubSpot integration needs to allow multiple webinar registrations

We have started testing the HubSpot/Zoom integration that allows us to use HubSpot landing pages to register for Zoom webinars. The one oversight I see in this process is that there is a single property in HubSpot called "Zoom Webinar Join Link" that updates with the Zoom join URL.


Our attendees register for multiple webinars every month. The "Zoom Webinar Join Link" property is overwritten every time a contact registers for a new webinar. This is problematic if the initial webinar hasn't taken place yet.


HubSpot should check the current meeting in the "Zoom Webinar Join Link" property and update a different property (perhaps Join Link 1, Join Link 2, etc) if that initial meeting hasn't happened yet.

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We are struggling with the same issue. It would be very helpful for HubSpot to add in more properties to allow for multiple webinar registrations. 


Same here. Does anyone know of a good workaround for the issue until a fix is put in place?


I started sending the confirmation and reminder emails from Zoom instead of from HubSpot. We lose some of the customization and tracking that comes with HubSpot emails, but our registrants are getting the correct login links for all of their  web events.


In this time of lockdown and with Zoom shooting to the forefront this is an URGENT necassity



We definitely need this. Is this something Hubspot can fix, or Zoom should?


I really would like to keep all of our registration and reminder emails coming through hubspot rather than zoom and we'd like to advertise multiple webinars without sending the wrong link. This is holding us up because the "last registered zoom webinar" is overwritten whenever another registration is submitted. I haven't found a workaround that avoids this!

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OMG we need this 🙂


To take this a step further, really need the ability to know which webinar a user signed up for and then in the work flow be able to put the user into the right workflow based on which webinar they signed up for.


For example we have a webinar 2 times a week, going through the end of January.  Zoom makes it easy to set up a multi day webinar using the same link - the user just picks a day they want to attend.  


When it comes to creating a workflow, we need an ability to send the user a Thanks for Attending the Webinar email AFTER their attendances at A specific webinar based on a date, not the webinar ID since the same webinar ID applies to the 15 webinars we have set up.  Not sure how to accomplish this.  


The other nice thing to have, which maybe is more of a Zoom thing than Hubspot, is have a way to redirect the user to a page after sign up.  


Perhaps it would be easier to accomplish all of this just by creating individual webinars and using Hubspot vs Zoom....given I can create a form for each separate webinar but this makes it a lot more work.  


Same. I couldn't beleive this was an issue.
Right now, there's no good way to run multiple Zoom webinars (leveraging the Zoom integration) concurrently (or even close together) in Hubspot. That seems like such a basic functionality for most marketers, I don't know why it's not supported better.
The issue is the last_webinar_registered token that's recommended that we use to send confirmation emails or reminder emails with the unique links for the attendee to access the webinar. It only works if the attendee registers for 1 webinar at a time. If the attendees register for a second one in the interrim, the token gets overridden and the attendee gets sent to the wrong webinar session. A very poor experience. The workaround is literally not to use Hubspot for the emails and just to send them through Zoom - which are ugly and you have little control over branding. "Don't use our product" seems like a poor solution - when that's a main reason people would buy your product.
There should be a way to link assets (the confirmation and reminder emails) to a zoom token so the unique registration link doesn't get overridden each time.


Is this honestly still an issue? More than 2 years after the initial ask? No known workarounds?


Similarly, we also provide multiple date options for the same webinar content (recurring webinars) but the Zoom integration doesn't seem to support all the date options for registration.


Hi everyone, 


Not sure if there is already a solution provided by zoom or Hubspot in the meantime (that I have not found yet), but I've tried solving this one for our Marketing team. Well to specify; we wanted to know all of the webinars that a prospect registered for / attended, without the value being overwritten each time. So I tried setting something up, but I am not sure if it is bullet proof yet, because we should test it with real life data going forward. But here's what I set up so far: 

1. I created a multicheckbox field with all of the webinar names

2. I've created a contact workflow with the following enrollment criteria: 
"At least one Zoom: Webinar Attendance Event has  Webinar ID is equal to any of XXXXXXXX (no spacing)"

with the followup action:

Set property Value: "Append a contact property Webinar Attendance with <Name of the webinar from the checkbox field created in step 1>"

And then normally this would each time check the box of the new webinar they have followed.

Big downside here is of course the fact that it is super manual / labour intensive. 


If anyone sees any issues with this, please let me know (would be great to solve them before we use it for live data haha) or maybe it inspires some people to come up with an even better workaround 😁🤞

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Hi @CCeustermans I think this is a great idea, but as you said a very manual intense way. But thanks for sharing this! 🙂