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Zip file creator for multiple file download

The goal is to have an automated Zip file creator, which allows my visitors to download multiple files at once. These files are sorted by a HubDB table.



My products have a wealth of informational documents associated with them. Spec sheets, user guides, 3d step files, viewer software. etc. When a visitor wants a user guide, we ask for name/email. Next visit if he/she wants a different file, we then ask for job title. HubSpot progressive fields at work. All good! But...


In addition to this, what if we add a button to rule (download) them all?


The visitor fills out a long form and gives the 6 qualifiers my Sales team wants. First name/last name/email/job title/phone/country but in return, they get the entire suite of files associated to the product.


Sometimes the same file is used for multiple products, so a manually created zip file will not do. When one of these files is updated, ALL copies need to be updated as well. To counter this, we can pull the file names from a HubDB table and package them into a zip folder on demand.


No more updating the same file in multiple places and the visitor has all the information they need to help them in their buyer's journey.