Zip Code Segmenting

There should be a way to segment lists by email so I can target leads that are within a certain distance of a set location.  I can easily geotarget with every other platform.  This one should, too.

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From a customer I spoke to who was unable to comment on this: 


This is a must - or at least allow us to add multiple zip codes at a time so that we can copy/paste from the Zip Code Radius Finder website. if we could copy/paste with each zip seperate by a comma and space (606014, 60613, 60089 etc) it would save a load of time. Needing to enter over 100 zipcodes to get a radius around a single area is too time consuming, and I would like to stop using a third party to get this complete.

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I also need this kind of functionality. I assume there are many businesses out there with a franchise model, multiple stores, or dealer channel that need this kind of thing. I need to be able to assign a dealer to a contact by their location. Right now I have to create a whole bunch of smart lists with a whole bunch of zip codes or postal codes for international location (codes are a huge pain to enter in the field provided since it only accepts a limited number). Then I have to create a whole bunch of workflows that assign a dealer to each contact based on their postal codes. Doesn't feel like marketing automation when the manual process is so tedious.


Please, please, please create some way to assign a contact property based on radius around or proximity to a specific location.

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We also need this functionality. This is something that is easily done on other platforms, but I can't find any good way to do it with HubSpot.

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Just jumping in here to request this feature too

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Agreed - this would be really helpful. At the moment, I'm having to find manually determine which customers are in a certain region I'll be visiting next week.

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Would love this feature. 

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I'm surprised that HubSpot hasn't added this feature into their platform, as other platforms like MailChimp have this baked into their tools already. For those migrating over they are going to demand this as a feature. Where's HubSpot's response to this?

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I manage events all across the US and could use this segmentation is key to getting effective meetings to the right people. It's hard to get someone to come to a meeting in Houston when they live in El Paso and I segment by State/Province = Texas


It would be so much better to say City = Houston + 50-mile radius. 

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I manage events across the US and have to segment by 250+ mile radius regularly.  Really need this functionality!

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Hi everybody!


The solution is quite trivial:

  1. Create a smart list for every area
  2. Filter by contact property "Postal Code"
  3. Select "is equal to"
  4. Copy/paste a semicolon separated list like: 29303; 29308; 29320; 29323; 29328; 29345 
  5. Press "Enter", "Done" and "Save"

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 18.25.27.png


I hope this helps!





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This is the way most of us do it now, but it is by no means quick or convenient.

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Agree with @DBellamy, it can be time-consuming when you're talking about thousands of zip codes since copy and pasting that much data typically times out. 

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You are right! I have to segment about 250 sub divisions actually and it"s really tedious.

Another solution could be:

  1. Google Spreadsheet + Export Sheet Data Addon
  2. JSON Export
  3. Python Script + Contact Lists API:

Finally, that should be a native feature.

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Nice thanks for sharing @arinker! Definitely would be better as a native feature

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@arinkerThank you so much! This is sooooooo helpful!


My solution to paste thousands of zip codes seperated by semicolumn is:

1. Get a list of zip codes and paste to an Excel spreadsheet

2. Use formula to add semicolumn in between each zip code


3. In the last row, you will have the final complete list of zip codes




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I would love a zip code radius feature. So much easier than manually or bulk uploading a list of zip codes. 

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This is a MUCH needed feature.  Mailchimp has this feature and it works great.  It is the only reason I still have Mailchimp vs. Hubspot only.  Please, please, please let me create proximity lists in Hubspot!





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An efficient workaround for this:


  1. Generate your list of zip codes using a free tool like
  2. Copy and paste them into a text editor and use Find & Replace to replace all commas with semi-colons.
  3. Create a HubSpot list > Contact properties > Postal code > Is equal to any of > Copy and paste your list of zip codes 

HubSpot used to freeze up when I would paste over 1000 at a time, but it seems they've made some improvements to their list app and I'm now able to paste over 4000 at a time.


Hope this helps.


- Nick

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Lists & Workflow enrollment allow for pasting postal codes but workflow if/then branch does notLists & Workflow enrollment allow for pasting postal codes but workflow if/then branch does not

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We desperately need this feature as well.

As well as bulk zip code targetting. Currently, you have to manually add each supported zip code in any workflow and we support over 8,000 zip codes nationwide. It takes several hours/days of work which could easily be solved by a bulk upload.