Zendesk tickets on company view




It's really easy to integrate with Zendesk, however when a new ticket is created its only showing up under the specific contact and not company view.


If a sales person wants to see if anything has happend before entering a meeting with the company, he actually has to click on every single contact to see if there is any tickets.


Is there no way around it? Notificaiton?


Please add so the ticket will be shown in the overall company view.

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Agreed, this is a critical issue for us and our Zendesk integration as well. We are in the same situation: when our sales team goes to review ticket activity with the companies that they manage, it's very difficult to go through each individual contact and try to piece together the "story" of the support tickets. This roll-up feature for Zendesk tickets to Hubspot company level is critical importance to our workflows.


Please add a feature so that the ticket will roll-up to associated company view. 


We have tried the integration as well, but probably need to find another CRM solution because of the missing activity on companies and deals. Do Hubspot have any idea if this will be fixed and when ?


This feature is crucial for our Account Managers. When they do their "check-in" calls with their customers, they need to quickly see all the tickets that have been submitted by anyone at that company so that they can prep for their call. We have companies that have a lot of contacts and going through each one very time consuming and takes away from their overall goals.


We would absolutely love this feature.


Is there any motion on this at all? 


The idea that we can't have tickets tracked in the company view is a big roadblock for us too. I find it unreasonable to ask my sales team to look at every individual contact to get an idea of the comms that our Support team has had with customers. 


Any update about this?

It is very troublesome to have all tickets history on contact level and not on company level.

This stops both sales and client service team to have a complete overview, which is a top priority need.


Has this idea been taken into consideration?


Agreed. This is a core requirement for any company that wants to deliver a high quality service, as customer-facing teams need to have an overview of all account activity.


You can't even create a workflow to create a placeholder event on the company timeline based off the creation date of a contact-level Zendesk ticket, which would have been a nice workaround.


I might explore whether something like Zapier can do this 🤞🏼.


I also agree totally.

We need to know which problems a company is having, and not the individual contacts.

There is no way to see if there is an open ticket for one of our clients (the company), so the integration as it is now is not really of any use.

We are just joining and we really like hubspot, but seeing that the initial request is from 2016 without any reaction is a bit troubling...




This is a much needed item. Would appreciate an update as to whether this is on the roadmap. And, if it is on the roadmap, when the expected release date is? (I understand dates can shift a bit -- just the expected date would help provide some guidance). Thank you. 


I understand this is not current functionality of the integration but has anyone figured out a workaround? Zendesk tickets need to be visible in the company view


I agree this would be a very useful functionality.


Yes i agree it would be a good functionnality


As well we would like the abiity to prevent Zendesk from creating new contacts automatically 





is there any news on this idea ? 
Is anyone found a workaroud, maybe using workflows...
I totally agree !