Xero integration for Contacts, Records and Invoice History

For your CRM, it would be amazing to have Xero integrated similar to how other CRM's do it e.g. https://capsulecrm.com/addons/xero/

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Xero integration for Contacts, Records and Invoice HistoryHubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


Your requests have been heard! My name is Jingo and I'm a Product Manager at HubSpot. I'm looking to understand more about these requests and really dive into the details.


If you're interested in potentially being interviewed regarding this integration, then please fill out this form


Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. We're working on it Smiley Happy




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i was surprised to see the list of CRM integrations for xero and not see hubspot on that list, I see a great benefit if hubspot was able to pull info like contact order status, quote status/value, invoice value ect & push data like new contact details, address sect into xero. this would mean less work for the sales team having to input this info twice into both systems. 

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In the infancy stages of what is going to be a very profitable business...

We have room to scale upwards, however, I am questioning whether I should just bite the bullet now and migrate to another CRM with sales/marketing functionality that DOES talk to Xero. 

Automation of processes is vital to scalability and while I do not pay for HubSpot services yet as I haven't hired the sales team, I will be eventually and it is worrying, to say the least, that the most popular SME cloud accounting software is not supported by one of the most popular SME cloud relationship management services that is HubSpot. 

Any communication on the issue is welcomed and imperative. 

A pet peeve is forums that don't have responses from admins so any communication beyond "you can use zapier" would be much appreciated. 


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I would like to third this. 


I am currently looking at which CRM to choose for our company and the fact that this one does not intergrate with Xero is the tipping point for going with another software. 

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 I was also suprised to see there's no Xero integration here- this would be quite helful to have, and has proven to be an essential part of our CRM/sales flow in a competing CRM we are currently using. Looking to switch to hubspot, but a lack of integration with basic Xero contacts, sales and acounting info is troubling.

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Im bumping this again - 

Can we get a hubspot member confirming you are going to add integration for the most flexible accounting software for SME's?

Last time I spoke to your team they said its up to Xero - which is entirely untrue.

Hurry along gents! Integrate please

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Completely agree.

We've just signed up as a Partner & are therefore moving our CRM over from Insightly to HubSpot. But lack of Xero integration & lack of projects (customer projects with tasks to complete) are large missing areas.

Whilst as Partners we'll live with workarounds, not sure many potential customers will though. 

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This would 100% be something that would make hubspot way more usable.

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We're just getting started with HubSpots free tools, having been recommended to HubSpot by someone else. We're just testing at the minute, but would envision becoming a paid customer with a sales team in the future. A lack of Xero integration might well push us towards other CRM options.

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BUMPING AGAIN - What do we have to do to get a reply from HubSpot? 

How many likes does this thread need before you action it or give us clarity or direction as to what to do and when you plan on offering Xero support and integration?

Happy to go and prompt people to like this to get a response

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So as i said before we are looking to use hubspot CRM and hubspot Marketing and we already use Xero and thats not going to change.


as we needed a CRM system running ASAP i made the choice to use hubspot crm and use Zapier to intigrate for now hoping there will be an official intigration released.


With Zapier i have been able to get contact info logged into xero when a new contact is made in CRM, and in reverse. plus update contacts if info is changed on either platform (there is some issue with changing things like lead status in hubspot throwing errors as it cant change in xero, i belive the only fix it to specify the information in each step, which is too tedious and time consuming)


The problem i have is i would like to atuomatically pull an invoice through as a deal into hubspot CRM so i can track conversions from lead clients vs direct sale customers. but i cant ger zapier to do this without pulling every invoice and loggin an error when the customer name isnt found in hubspot (for direct sale customers there will be no CRM reccord of them) then turning the zap off. this has happened 5 times in the last day, essentialy making automation of deals impossible. 


As an aside to these problems we also now have to incurr an extra cost to run zapier, another platform to monitor and no support from Zapier, hubspot or xero if it doesnt work.


As an SMB with limited staff we dont have time to maintain a platform just to feed info from one paid service to another. not to mention the fact that if we choose to use hubspot marketing then we are paying over $1000 a month to then pay an extra $70 per month just to intigrate.