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It would be handy to be able to upload a bespoke XML sitemap to our website as the one automatically generated by HubSpot is bringing up 000's of warnings in Google Search Console.


As you can imagine this is quite an issue and to have no way of easily resolving this on your platform is a big downer for us. I don't understand how it is impossible to upload a file to teh website that sits on the root domain.


This is possible on every single platform i've ever worked on with the exception of HubSpot.



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Hi there,

I am also looking for the ability to upload a sitemap...


I tried to upload an XML file to File Manager, however the URL will always include  the HubSpot tag "hubf" (www.xxx.com/hubf/en-us/sitemap.xml) rather than the clean www.xxx.com/en-us/sitemap.xml.



My Project

My requirement is to create a different XML sitemaps per language translation and have a central XML Index file which references those multiple XMLs.


I am setting up our website to have multiple translated versions of the website to sit as the following subfolders targeting different countries:

www.xxx.com (default en)





The HubSpot generated XML includes all webpages, with the ability to remove single pages. However I can't work out a way to build additional XML maps separately for the above subfolders.


Extremely frustrating that HubSpot can't seem to build multiple XML files or even upload more as the workaround...



My initial post on this topic here- https://community.hubspot.com/t5/COS-Design-Support/Separate-xml-sitemap-per-translated-subfolder/m-...


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Hi Hitsearch,


While I couldn't generate additional sitemaps within HubSpot, I managed to build an XML file with Excel and upload to the File Manager.

That URL was then submitted to Google Search Console where it functioned as intended.


The problem of having to manually update is still there, however its much more customisable in terms of nominating priorities/crawl rate/building index sitemaps.


Not ideal, but it does work!

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I think it'd be rad if Hubspot not only auto-generated your sitemaps, but also auto submitted them through webmaster accounts like pro sitemaps does.

Specifically, they're doing the following:

  1. sitemap.xml
  2. sitemap_images.xml
  3. sitemap_video.xml
  4. sitemap_news.xml
  5. sitemap.html
  6. feed_rss.xml
  7. urllist.txt