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Would love "Edit" option for scheduled emails

Would love to have an "edit" button for scheduled emails instead of having to delete the email entirely and re-schedule. Thanks!

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This really needs to happen! It's a pain to have to delete an entire email and start over. My team would love to be able to add into our workflow delayed emails, but without being able to edit the emails, we can't rely on that functionality and will not use it.

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Yes this would be great

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Yes please. This seems so basic.

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This is a much needed option! Just realized I scheduled an email for a future date and have to make changes... will have to delete and redo. 

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When is this bug gonna be fixed... The process of deleting and re-entering the same email is so unbelievably tiring.


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This "bug" persists... Come on, Hubspot! For those of us who use Sequences, where we can edit any future email or task in a sequence at any time before the execution date/time (hint, hint!), it's quite confusing as to why a stand-alone scheduled email is any different...

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This is quite constraining the way we cannot do anything with scheduled email. In priority order thos would be the additional feature that would change the game : 

  1. A send now option
  2. A change send time option
  3. An edit email option