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Would love "Edit" option for scheduled emails

Would love to have an "edit" button for scheduled emails instead of having to delete the email entirely and re-schedule. Thanks!

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Colaborador ocasional

Yes, please. This seems so basic. Please add/fix this!

Nuevo miembro

I am a new user and this is essential for us to stick with Hubspot. We must be able to delete or edit scheduled emails!


I'm also quite shocked that you can't edit scheduled emails. I would like to see this feature amended to be user-friendly. I tried logging my idea and for some reason, it wouldn't save. I upvote this idea!

Nuevo colaborador

This is still an issue! Not good at all.


And Im not the only one (after having read replies here) that has emails go missing. I mentioned this in the forum and was told it wasnt an issue!

Colaborador habitual

I agree. Hubspot this is a must have option for Marketing emails that were schedule. If there is a change one of us needs to do (and it happens) there is no way to edit before its schedule time. Same for cancelled emails, once is cancelled we should have the ability to edit the email and reschedule again, instead of just clone it and through the original to the Archived folfder.


I have the same problem and this needs to be fixed

can someone from Hubspot please reply to us.


it is definitely a problem,  must be able to edit a scheduled email.

currently, I have to copy the text,  delete the email and then redo the email.

very time consuming for such a simple matter.

Nuevo miembro

Yes, very important! HubSpot should save time when working wiht emails. Having to delete and compose again an email is the opposite...

Colaborador ocasional

Please add this. It's really strange you can't edit a scheduled email. This would help email efforts a TON.

Colaborador ocasional

Yes, please! We need to be able to edit scheduled emails.

Colaborador ocasional

100% agree with needing to edit scheduled emails. Not being able to do this minimizes the value of scheduling emails in the first place. Please add this feature.