Would love "Edit" option for scheduled emails

Would love to have an "edit" button for scheduled emails instead of having to delete the email entirely and re-schedule. Thanks!

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Does Hubspot ever look at these threads? This seems like it would be a fairly simple problem to meet it's users needs and has been going on for 2+ years on this thread alone. If they aren't viewing these, does anyone know a better way to ask them/reach them?

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Hi kristinf,


I have found that you can now stop a scheduled email, edit the template, and schedule it back.
I have not received notifications from Hubspot that it is possible, but it happens to be this way now.

Hope this helps.


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@andresmorera You got my hopes up when this came through but I think you're looking at marketing email. This thread is referring to sales emails. Thanks for sharing though!

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@chrjen Thanks for your comment. Yes. Correct I am referring to Marketing Emails. Back in May last year I was not able to edit scheduled marketing emails.  Our organization currently does not schedule sales emails, instead, we use Sales Sequence Emails. I am interested in learning how are you using the schedule function for sales emails.

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Yep this was not a part of a sequence...this was just a one off email I had scheduled and I would like to use that feature quite a bit but didn't see an edit button...only a cancel

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Glad I am not alone with this one.  It has been almost 2 years since the initial post... I doubt it is going to get done.  It is a real shame because having to delete and start over is far from ideal.


Could really use the ability to edit a scheduled email