Would love "Edit" option for scheduled emails

Would love to have an "edit" button for scheduled emails instead of having to delete the email entirely and re-schedule. Thanks!

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 Completely agree with the above. 

We also had the ability to edit within Gmail and are now being directed to Hubspot's Outbox.


My concern is that if this bug is fixed, I'll only be able to edit with the Hubspot Outbox and not within Gmail (which causes formatting issues for me).

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The latest update broke the ability to edit emails that are scheduled.


This is a big nuisance. There is no easy way to get the scheduled email back again either. It is deleted from Gmail when it is sent to Hubspot, so to edit the email, it needs to be re-copied from HubSpot, reformatted if the copy doesn't preserve formatting, and attachments need to be re-uploaded.


It would be great if Gmail kept a copy of the email that is scheduled on HubSpot, so it can easily be edited on Gmail and re-scheduled if the originally scheduled email needs to be deleted so a modified version can be scheduled. This was a fairly common workflow for me.

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I thought I was missing something or because I'm a free member I don't have that option but I see I'm not the only one. Not being able to edit a scheduled email is a big no no for me.

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I can't even delete the scheduled email at all. Now my client is going to recieve an email that was not meant for them to recieve! This is a huge problem! When I click delete it is still there and won't go away!! Please respond ASAP!

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One of the underlying problems with email and Hubspot is that they rely on bcc to log emails instead of a native imap integration. Other competitors mostly use native imap and sync seemlessly. That way you can easily also create drafts, edit emails etc. I think hubspot has developed themselves into a corner they have problems getting out of..


You should expect the following from any CRM in 2019:


- save drafts

- edit emails (reschedule, edit text, edit anything)

- send email to lists

- full sync of emails in/out using imap ( flagged this to management 3 years ago. seems little has happened).

- outbound and inbound calls in the browser (not just outbound).

- localization that works (now swedish localization of dates and numbers also mix swedish words with english in descriptions and headings etc.. very strange)



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Agree with the previous. This ought to be a bug fix, not a feature request.


Either way, get it done Hubspot.

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I agree 100%. It's a shame such option is not available yet

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Yes, having an "edit" button for scheduled emails is a must have. Please include this in the beta.

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Kind of a no-brainer....

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Totally agree!


I had to copy an email into Outlook, then find the additional content before going back to Hubspot, delete and start again.

This is a step backwards, not forwards!