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Would love "Edit" option for scheduled emails

Would love to have an "edit" button for scheduled emails instead of having to delete the email entirely and re-schedule. Thanks!

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Occasional Contributor

This is more of a bug than a feature Hubspot, you took this functionality away from users. 

Principal conselheiro

This is more of a bug than a feature Hubspot, you took this functionality away from users.  +1

Principal conselheiro

 Completely agree with the above. 

We also had the ability to edit within Gmail and are now being directed to Hubspot's Outbox.


My concern is that if this bug is fixed, I'll only be able to edit with the Hubspot Outbox and not within Gmail (which causes formatting issues for me).

Principal conselheiro

Agree with the previous. This ought to be a bug fix, not a feature request.


Either way, get it done Hubspot.

New Member

I agree 100%. It's a shame such option is not available yet

New Member

Yes, having an "edit" button for scheduled emails is a must have. Please include this in the beta.

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Kind of a no-brainer....

Occasional Contributor

Totally agree!


I had to copy an email into Outlook, then find the additional content before going back to Hubspot, delete and start again.

This is a step backwards, not forwards!

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Yes, please. This seems so basic. Please add/fix this!

Regular Contributor

I agree. Hubspot this is a must have option for Marketing emails that were schedule. If there is a change one of us needs to do (and it happens) there is no way to edit before its schedule time. Same for cancelled emails, once is cancelled we should have the ability to edit the email and reschedule again, instead of just clone it and through the original to the Archived folfder.