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Would be great to have an integration with LinkedIn Messages!

It would be great if there was an integration with LinkedIn Messages such that conversations from LinkedIn messaging (and sales nav messaging) would transfer/display in the contact record in HubSpot, if the contact exists. 

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Absolutely! I've been searching for an integration for these two.


I'm surprised this only has 14 upvotes (I was number 14)! There seems to be a LinkedIn Sales Navigator on the App Marketplace but that's not really what I was looking for.


We often reach out to leads via LinkedIn messages. The only way we can get those in HubSpot is to manually add them ... as "emails". Not all messages are emails though, so a quick fix for me would be to rename "emails" to "messages"


Something the OP did not mention is for HubSpot to connect to LinkedIn and pull in all Connections with their profile image. To be honest, just pulling in the profile image would have saved me a lot of time.


Yes, would love to see this idea implemented please!