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Workflows with a repeating action

I want to start a new Workflow with a List, add a delay of 30 days, then send an internal email, then delay again for 30 more days. I want it to repeat over and over again as long as a Contact remains on that List. We'd like to use it to remind staff to reach out to certain Contacts regularly. 

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The two workflow hack is now prohibited by Hubspot... hmm. Why do that when the looping functionality continues to be ignored?

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@HGriffiths You can still hack around it by using properties. 


Here's a sketch of my setup when all I want to do is get a reminder to follow up with active customers every 3 months:


(- First, create a new contact date property - I call mine "Datefield for follow-up workflow".)


Workflow 1 (out of 2) - "Enroll in this"

  • No enrollment trigger (manual). 
  • Set any if/checks (I'm checking if it's still an active customer)
  • Clear the contact date field property "Datefield for follow-up workflow"
  • Delay for the amount of time you want (I have 90 days) 
  • (Here I have another if-check to see if it's still an active customer)
  • If yes, set the "Datefield for follow-up workflow" to today's date.

Workflow 2 (out of 2) - "Creates the follow-up task"

  • Enrollment: "Datefield for follow-up workflow" is known. (enable re-enrollment)
  • Delay of 1 minute 
  • Whatever you want done, I create a task to the contact owner to follow up with the customer
  • Enroll into the first workflow "Enroll in this"

That's it!


However, if you also want to follow up with customers who you haven't been in contact with for the past 3 months (but not the ones you have been talking with), you can use the logic above but combine it with an active list. The list allows you to use properties such as "last activity was more than 180 days ago", and then set the workflow to enroll anyone on that list. 


... and all of this rubberband-workaround should inspire Hubspot to prioritize this - all in all rather simple - feature. 



Good idea to use a date-based property!


This would be very helpful! 


Ya, this is a great and much-required idea. 


Great news, everyone! Repeating tasks was just added!



Repeating Tasks

The new repeating tasks feature increases sales rep efficiency by automating tasks that help them stay up to date with a customer. Users now have the option when creating a task to set it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or at a custom interval. 


@steinarslatten -- good catch!  I think that's going to be helpful for our sales team. But I was using a list as part of the workflow because I have the list be active, based on last activity date, so it only includes those who haven't been touched recently. This new feature looks like I can't set any other criteria. 

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Hi Folks,


Thanks for all the comments and upvotes. I'm here with an update: We've recently launched a beta feature called Scheduled Triggers, that allow you to run HubSpot workflows on custom, pre-defined intervals, to better support your recurring processes. This allows you to repeat a workflow and it's actions on a specific schedule that you define. 


This feature is exclusive to Operations Hub Professional & Operations Hub Enterprise.


This new type of trigger is intended to support repetitive business processes that aren't tied to a specific change or event, and instead need to happen on a regular, specific cadence. Two examples:

  1. You want to automatically clean up data every Thursday night, before you run your weekly reports.
  2. You want to create tasks for your success team on the first of every month, to remind them to run a health check for each of their customers.

To learn more, check out this KB Doc: Create a scheduled workflow.


If you are an Operations Hub Pro or Ent customer and you'd like to participate in this beta, reach out to your point of contact at HubSpot and let them know that you would like access to the Scheduled Triggers rollout which they can sign you up for through our internal Customer Success tool. If you don't have one of those subscriptions currently, but would still like to check it out, consider starting an Operations Hub trial, while also requesting access to the rollout for the duration of the trial. 




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Update: Scheduled triggers went live to all operations hub pro and enterprise customers in December 2021. To learn more, check out this KB Doc: Create a scheduled workflow.


I see this idea is delivered, but it's not really.


What has been delivered is a scheduled workflow. It can be scheduled to run on a "loop," which means it will repeat the actions every X amount of time, not when the contact finishes the workflow and repeats it from the top - which I think is the most common understanding of a loop.
It's worth noting that this popular request is now stuck behind another paywall. This is only available in Ops Hub Professional and Enterprise.

Hello. I don't think that sheduled trigerring addresses the need of this post.


For example I want a reminder every 2 weeks of a deal in certain stage, however.. I can't re-enrol the deal in the same stage (loop) right after until it's moved to other stage. That's what the author (and I) arelooking for. 


Am I missing something?




I know the struggle – you want a regular task within a particular workflow. Here's what worked for me:


Two-Step Approach:


1. Set up the first workflow for the initial logic.

Create a second one dedicated to the loop and apply scheduled triggers (you'll need them for this).
2. Triggering with Precision:

Given that Hubspot prevents infinite cycles between two workflows, you'll need to use object properties as filters, guiding HubSpot on when to kick off each part of your logic.


This tag-team strategy worked wonders for me. If you need professional assistance, feel free to reach out to me at


Happy automating!