Workflows with a repeating action

I want to start a new Workflow with a List, add a delay of 30 days, then send an internal email, then delay again for 30 more days. I want it to repeat over and over again as long as a Contact remains on that List. We'd like to use it to remind staff to reach out to certain Contacts regularly. 

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Love this idea. 

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 we would make use of this as well

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This would be game changing!

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THIS TIMES A MILLION. I would love to be able to create a loop via a workflow and it just keeps looping until the workflow is disabled OR tie the loop to a property of some kind so as long as the property is set to one of the triggers, the workflow just loops until the property is changed.


Use Case:

We want to make contact with all of our customers every 30 days. I want to create a workflow that will auto generate a task/ticket to prompt the user responsible for making contact every 30 days, as long as the company has the customer status property set to "active customer". I don't want to have to build a bunch of steps manually or chain a bunch of workflows together.

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I also need the ability to loop workflows.

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Here's a pretty simple workaround to loop workflows. I've built this to send internal reminder emails for one of our clients. Of course, you can replace that step with whatever you want to occur on a regular basis.


The workaround uses 2 separate workflows and a custom date property (ie. Send Date)


Whoever I manually enroll into Workflow 1 will receive the email in Workflow 2 on a recurring basis that I'm able to set using a single delay.


Workflow 1:

  • Enrollment Trigger=manually
  • Step 1=Clear the contact custom date property (Send Date)
  • Step 2=Delay action by the # of days/weeks/months you want to wait before workflow #2 recurs
  • Step 3=Set contact property value > (Send Date) > Date of step
  • Turn it on

Workflow 2:

  • Enrollment Trigger=Contact property "send date" is known; Re-enrollment=yes, when Send Date is known
  • Step 1=delay 1 minute
  • Step 2=send internal email (or whatever you want repeated)
  • Step 3=Enroll into Workflow 1
  • Turn it on

I've tested this by using 1 minute delays – worked like a charm.

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Also need the ability to do a loop within a workflow, until a condition is met.