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Workflows with a repeating action

I want to start a new Workflow with a List, add a delay of 30 days, then send an internal email, then delay again for 30 more days. I want it to repeat over and over again as long as a Contact remains on that List. We'd like to use it to remind staff to reach out to certain Contacts regularly. 

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Love this idea. 

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 we would make use of this as well

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This would be game changing!

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THIS TIMES A MILLION. I would love to be able to create a loop via a workflow and it just keeps looping until the workflow is disabled OR tie the loop to a property of some kind so as long as the property is set to one of the triggers, the workflow just loops until the property is changed.


Use Case:

We want to make contact with all of our customers every 30 days. I want to create a workflow that will auto generate a task/ticket to prompt the user responsible for making contact every 30 days, as long as the company has the customer status property set to "active customer". I don't want to have to build a bunch of steps manually or chain a bunch of workflows together.

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I also need the ability to loop workflows.