Workflows to automate renewal tasks?



We're trying to automate the tasks related to our annual customer renewals. Today, we manage all of our renewals in a spreadsheet.


Specifically, we'd like to automate:

1) creation of an internal email notification to the sales owner that gets sent 120 days out before the renewal date

2) creation of a new deal in the Renewal deal pipeline (120 days out as well)

3) creation of a task for the Sales owner 120 days out


We use the Close Date property on the contact today, and created the Renewal Date property on the contact to trigger the above activities. However, we'd like to automate the value of the Renewal Date -- such that it is automatically set to 365 days from the Close Date.


I have no idea how to create a workflow such that the Renewal Date is set to 365 days from Close Date. In the spreadsheet, we basically take the Close Date and add 365 days. But without Renewal Date property being automated, we can't create a Renewal workflow. 


Thoughts on how to simplify this?

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I managed to achieve the automation creating a new deal (for the renewal) of a deal that recently closed, but I had to use the Hubspot webhooks tool, and Zapier to make Hubspot API calls.  It was fairly tedious but I did get it to work finally.  In the end, I have it so if you modify a field on the deal that needs to be duplicated it kicks off the Husbpot webhook subscription, which is caught by Zapier webhooks, and the used additional API calls to 1st get the details from the deal on which the property changed (the one being duplicated) and then another API call to create a new deal in Hubspot using data from the old deal.  For example on the original deal we have a "new contract expiration date" field and on the new deal I had that value populate the "current contract expiration date field." Another example would be we have a "new contract number" field on the original deal, but on deal I create with the API I put that value into the "current contract number" field.


The sending of an internal email notification is something I am struggling with as well, and have not yet come up with a solution.

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@crufo I figured out the sending out internal emails, but it involves integrating Google calendar and creating an event based on the date you want the notifications going out, and then capturing the Google calendar event ID in a custom field (so it can be deleted later if/when the date in question changes and a new calendar event created.  This way your users will receive calendar invite notifications and you can specify how far much time before the date that you want them to receive an alert.  I can send you the Zapier steps if you like.  

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We would like the ability to auto-calculate "Renewal Date" to be 365 days after Closed Won date as well!