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I'd love to have an option in workflows that allows me to set (for example) a 7-day delay but any contact that meets the if/then criteria goes automatically to the next step. This would allow workflows to be smarter and more fluent.

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Surely you can just have the delay after the IF/THEN branch?


You would then have two options, either type out the rest of the workflow in duplicate, which would allow you to make minor changes if you wanted to, or you could make the result of the IF/THEN branch an "Enroll in another workflow" and pass them over to a new workflow which would bring the automation back together for each branch.


It's not the tidiest solution, but it would work?

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This is a good idea - and should be simpler than using multiple, nested if/then statements. 

There are many scenarios where getting information changed or adding someone to a list is important enough that it should happen at the time when the triggering action takes place.


For instance, a workflow sends a high-value email to contacts, and if they don't open it in 5 days, sends a follow-up. If the contact opens the email at any time, we want to add them to a list and take other actions, but the normal workflow logic would force us to wait for 5 days before reacting to the contact's activity.


Instead, there should be a logical wait that will check for an action like an if/then statement for a set number of days. If on day 2 the contact has taken the action, they're routed to the "Yes" track. If they don't take the action or meet the criteria at the end of the 5 days, they go to the "no" track. 

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Hey, great suggestion! I think this would be particularly useful for workflows with nurturing based around email sends. At the moment you have to set a delay before checking if contacts opened/clicked an email, but a smarter delay would allow those who do immediately to pass through and move on, and the workflow could still give others more time to complete the action. 

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This proposed feature for a "smart" delay, which waits until either an action is taken, or a maximum number of days has passed, is in planning  Smiley Happy I'll update again when there's more information!

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Fantastic! Thanks for the update Megan. 


Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi everyone,


We've just kicked off a beta for a new feature called a Delay until event happens delay, and we'd love to get it in your hands and get your feedback Smiley Very Happy


You’ll now be able to trigger subsequent workflow actions, as soon as key engagements like page views and form submissions happen, by using this new type of delay that waits until an interaction, instead of delaying for only a set amount of time.


  • In the workflows editor, choose the new delay "Delay until event happens"
  • Select a type of event (form submission or page view)
  • Create a filter for a specific event
  • Set a maximum amount of time to wait

The object will either proceed to the next action in the workflow when they complete the specified event or when the maximum wait time has passed.  In this first beta version, the available events are Page Views and Form Submissions. Additional event types will be coming later.


Please submit your email address and Hub ID via this form to request access, and please feel free to send me a direct message with any follow-up feedback about this new delay!





Example workflow leveraging a Wait Until delayExample workflow leveraging a Wait Until delay

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I am honestly surprised HubSpot does not have completion actions. I remember using Pardot, they had them and it made workflows so much easier! I am glad this is in the works!

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Hi all,


Reaching out with a beta update: "Property value changed" events are now available in this new delay feature.


For example, in a deal workflow, you could delay the deal within the workflow, until the deal's stage is set to a particular value.


property value changeproperty value change

Status updated to: Delivered
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Delay until event happens delays are now live to all customers! Read more about the feature here:


Thank you!