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Workflows - option to change meeting outcomes

With the new "outcomes" for meetings, it would be great if I could go back and automatically update outcomes for past meetings with a workflow, but right now there isn't that ability. Our team has to do every outcome manually.

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We have standard meeting titles like XXX Company Demo. It would be great to have a workflow that automatically selects the correct meeting type based on a word in the title. It will save so much work!


95% of my meetings end up in completed. 
So realy would like a workflow or a setting to make all my meeting outcomes set to 'completed'. then i can change the ones that didnt complete manually instead of doing 95% of them to complete. I do around 300 meetings a year, so it saves a lot of time not to have to manually set them to completed.


This is a very important feature! If anyone knows of a workflow workaround, please let me know!


Did to do this all by hand again, cost me 2 hours to scroll to all my meetings of the past 3 months and change all the outcomes manually to 'complete'.
THis can be done much more efficient i think.