Workflows need to have a Goto

 We have recently switched to Hubspot and one of the things I miss from Active Campaign is the ability to use Goto in workflows.



  1. I want the workflow to send me an email IF the client has not opened a particular email, but then follow the same path if the client has opened the email.
  2. I want the client to be sent a diffrent email based on their email in the middle of the workflow but then all follow the same path.

Right now I have a workflow mess where after every condition I have to readd the same items again.


This is how Active Campaign does it (light red box).




This is Hubspot workflow without goto


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New Contributor

I switched from using Active Campaign to Hubspot - among many features, this is one I miss enough to consider switching back for. 

Occasional Contributor

This is a really powerful feature of Active. Please implement this.

New Contributor

This seems to be a fundamental part of creating workflows - I don't understand why it doesn't exist in Hubspot when it's present in many other much cheaper tools (drip, active campaign, convertkit). Not having it adds so much unecessary complexity to most non-linear workflows

New Contributor

It seems odd that this feature isn't already part of the Workflow tool. Without it, there's so much needless duplication that creating workflows is a chore - and managing/amending every branch can get extremely confusing. 

Occasional Contributor

I agree, I have used this in Informz, a simple drag and drop of the workflow pathway. Reduces the clutter as you want to drop in people from workflow into your main one. Instead I have to duplicate it and this is a high risk of human error.