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Workflows for Immediate Action and Date Centered Actions

Currently, there is not a way to enroll someone in a workflow and have any immediate action, then follow it up with a date-centered action. It has to be two separate workflows.


Here is my case example:


We have a webinar series that starts on April 1st and occurs weekly for 3 weeks. People can start purchasing at any time since there are limited spots available to attend. We want to send someone a confirmation email immediately after their purchase, then send them a reminder email 1 day before each webinar. 


Ideally, we could set up a workflow where the enrollment criteria is that the purchase occurred, send an email immediately, then delay until the day before a webinar, send the confirmation email, delay 7 days later, send email, etc.


Instead, we have to create one workflow for immediate action and a separate one for date-centered actions. However, we have 20 different webinars occurring on separate dates and 20 workflows seems a lot more reasonable than 40.


Hoping Hubspot can take this suggestion into their next workflow development project. Thanks!

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I'm having a similar issue! We have people booking meetings with us, and would love to delay an email until the day after the meeting as a follow-up, but it seems like I'm just going to have to make a whole new workflow. 


1 year later....

Is there any workaround for this?

We are in the exact same situation with webinars. Can not execute actions immediately on form submission, then execute the remaining actions on the delays....


There are a variety of uses, where you want to give customers time to take any action leading up to the date, but then After the initial enrollment period, execute everything based on the date.


Absolutely agree! We want to be able to trigger delays on a date-based field but also want the initial step to be an email without a waiting period.


Use Case: we want to use this to start our onboarding flow and have everything run centered around their created date. The issue is that we have new users coming in at all hours of the day and if our initial email requires a delay. If a contact is created at 7:01 AM and the scheduled delay for their created date happened at 7:00 AM, suddenly they no longer get the 1st email, which is arguably the most important touchpoint in any customer relationship.


I know we can do this with a blank contact-based but would prefer it to all be based in relation to their created date so as to not have to calculate the differences in days and times between. We also have a similar use case as some users above.



If a customer comes in at 7:01 AM, they won't receive the welcome emailIf a customer comes in at 7:01 AM, they won't receive the welcome email