Workflows for Immediate Action and Date Centered Actions


Currently, there is not a way to enroll someone in a workflow and have any immediate action, then follow it up with a date-centered action. It has to be two separate workflows.


Here is my case example:


We have a webinar series that starts on April 1st and occurs weekly for 3 weeks. People can start purchasing at any time since there are limited spots available to attend. We want to send someone a confirmation email immediately after their purchase, then send them a reminder email 1 day before each webinar. 


Ideally, we could set up a workflow where the enrollment criteria is that the purchase occurred, send an email immediately, then delay until the day before a webinar, send the confirmation email, delay 7 days later, send email, etc.


Instead, we have to create one workflow for immediate action and a separate one for date-centered actions. However, we have 20 different webinars occurring on separate dates and 20 workflows seems a lot more reasonable than 40.


Hoping Hubspot can take this suggestion into their next workflow development project. Thanks!

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I'm having a similar issue! We have people booking meetings with us, and would love to delay an email until the day after the meeting as a follow-up, but it seems like I'm just going to have to make a whole new workflow.