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Hi! I faced interesting problem this week: I would like to have email notification everytime when the deal stage is changed to "Closed Won" or "Closed Lost". The problem is that email should contain the name of the deal, associated company, contact details and the amount of the deal. 


The best solution would be to create task for the deal automaticly and assign that for me. So I suggest that Hubspot add a feature to create workflows for deals too. 

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Hi Samisud


I have actually managed to setup something that works as such. See my last post here.


It is a work around because it recognises the change of the deal itself from one stage to another. But having a specific workflow dedicated to Deals in HubSpot would actually make the entire tool even more worthwhile. It is a little frustrating when you want to try and manage deals but are unable to do so in a ideal way. 

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Hey RuwanW! Thanks for sharing your solution but it won't fix the original problem: "The problem is that email should contain the name of the deal, associated company, contact details and the amount of the deal. "

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Amazed this isn't currently available! We have Marketing Pro and being able to include Deal properties as a Customisation Item is not available.


An essential of all CRMs is to be able to send an internal email notification to say a deal is won, and also the name of the deal and the amount. (with a link back to the Deal in HubSpot CRM if someone wishes to view the Deal)




I'm surprised that Hubspot missed something very basic like this. 

@Hubspot: Please take a note of this and get it added at the earliest.

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I am also trying to figure out if there is any way to do this. I thought I could set up a workflow for a new deal just using create date is after today, but I still can't get the information included in the internal email. 

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I just got off the phone with HubSpot as well regarding this. Something so simple should be a quick and easy roll out.



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Really frustrating that you can't send emails containing deal fields.  C'mon HubSpot; this is pretty basic!

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HubSpot Product Team
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This is now possible with deal-based workflows available in Sales Hub Professional and Sales Hub Enterprise. 

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Surely this is available for Marketing Pro users too?