Workflows based on company list membership


It would be fantastic if we could trigger workflows based on the new company list membership feature. This is already available for contact workflows with contact lists, but for some reason not available for companies.


It would make life a lot easier as it is much easier to edit/update filters in a list than in a workflow.

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This is the feature we are looking for as well. We want to use list memberships of companies in workflows and dashboards and filters.


Just noticed now this is missing, upvoted the idea since it should be super easy to implement

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Hi commenting for a customer here,

Always curious why we don't allow company list as a trigger since we do provide both contact and company list. This would be really useful (:


Was really surprised when I found out that this capability doesn't exist. Was looking to add contacts to a list based on their company list status and had no luck, so then I turned to workflows to build a workaround and was shut down there as well.


It has me thinking - is there a reason that this capability shouldn't be available? Because I can't think of one.


Yes, this is essential. We want to do the same as @emhall810 . have you found a workaround?