Workflows assign task to Task Queue

Workflows with the action "Create a task" should also have the option for the task to be assigned to a specific task queue.

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It would be great if we could create a task queue by workflow.

Often we try to approach to a customer who is more likely will be "closed won", therefore, it is important to prioritize each deals/customers.Currently it is not possible to create a task queue by automation.

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+1 Would be super helpful. 

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This would be super helpful.  There is no way for me to associate a specific swim lane with a checklist (like you can do on Trello).  I'd like to be able to see what tasks I need to accomplish when a ticket is in a swim lane so I'm aware of my progress.  It would be great if that checklist also had tasks which would get added into a queue

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This would make automations and processes much more easier! please make that happen

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I'd love to see this - automation of tasks is a bit messy without this

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100% agree... manual task creation/queue assigning is counter-productive.

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Please put this in place Hubspot!

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Please add. This will greatly improve the whole task workflow process 

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This would definitely be helpful. 

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My team would benefit greatly from this feature. In our case, it makes a lot more sense if task queues can be team-wide rather than user-specific. Or maybe there can be an option for the task queue to be public or private?


In any case, I need to set up a workflow to automatically add customers over 60 days old to a call queue for our entire Support team to work out of when they have downtime. Right now, there's no way for me to do this. I have a workflow set up to create a task for these customers but these tasks currently go nowhere and get lost since I can't throw them into a queue that everyone can check.