Workflows assign task to Task Queue

Workflows with the action "Create a task" should also have the option for the task to be assigned to a specific task queue.

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+1 from me.


I would also like to see this when creating tasks manually for other users. You can create a queue for tasks in the task creator panel, but if the tasks are not assigned to you it won't create the queue for that user or assign the tasks to an existing queue.

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+1 This would also be useful in tasks created with sequences. The queues are currently created manually by individuals and don't allow collaboration from others/automation which they absolutely should to be effective.

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+1 Totally agree with everything said here. Huge impediment to flow.

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Hopefully, it's ok with HS to mention this. Happy to remove if not! 


Had a call with the product team yesterday about tasks and queues, we discussed the features and functionality I would like to see from Task Queues. I mentioned this idea for you lot on top of the things discussed, I believe expanding the task queues' functionality is on their to-do list. Maybe we will see this go into Beta in the coming months

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Fantastic, hope so too.  This would be a powerful way to automate and drive productivity. 

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Yes please! This would be fantastic! That way I can set up a task queue for my team, which I am otherwise unable to do.

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Yes please

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I think there are a few things here to make tasks added via workflows much MUCH more useful


1. allow me to set the same type of due dates, like 1 business day, etc. Currently in workflow task create, its too basic. 


2. Allow us to create team queues so that then you could add tasks directly into queues but have them be assigned still to diff team members.

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I thought I was kinda blind not seeing this functionality for automated workflow created task queues additions.


Can't believe this is an open request for so long.


Yes please!


Upvote - We are trying to drive the efficiency of the reps yet we have a "Manual" process to add your tasks to queues, this would be a great step forward.