Workflows assign task to Task Queue

Workflows with the action "Create a task" should also have the option for the task to be assigned to a specific task queue.

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Adding us to the list; seems like this functionality is inherent and could be added. Maybe we need more HubSpot developers.

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yes we want this, thanks


 Yes. There should be the ability to add a task to a queue, all the places where you can create a task (either through workflows or activity).


The queues are not very useful if you can't use them with automation.


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thank you all for your feedback. One challenge here is that tasks created through workflows can be assigned dynamically to the enrolled contact's owner, but each owner has different queues because task queues are user specific. What would you want to happen in this situation? 

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Once the owner is selected, I'd expect to be able to specify from a list of task queues belonging to that owner.

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@bellawu thanks for asking. Here is what I would like to see: (Two options)


  1. Workflow trigger allowing me to assign to queues based on specified criteria. For instance:
  • If contact owner is = Hubspot user = "Sales Jimmy"
  • and contact is a member of list = "Executive Leadership- Hospitality"
  • and contact has clicked on 2 or more emails,
  • then assign task to Sales Jimmy's task queue: "executive clicks".


I realize this might be complicated, so I want to suggest a more simple and quick alternative solution:


     2. Custom Filters for Tasks

  • Allow users with Administrator role to have permission to add to queue's of Sales team.
  • Allow me to view tasks (by adding filters) that are not associated with any queues.
  • This way I can make sure that all tasks are assigned and in the right place.
  • I don't mind manually assigning tasks to queues but with the current functionality, I have no way of sorting tasks to see all tasks NOT in queues.

Would ether of these options be feasible? Thanks in advance.

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One more thought... Couldn't we just have a few "Common queues" for Hubspot users? 

  • where each user still has individual queues, but they also have 3-4 in common?
  • example, "If this ... then add task to Contact owner's Demo Request Queue"

Thanks again. I can't wait to see what ideas come out of this community! Robot Happy


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@bellawu I think the suggestions here are good. It would be great if we could have all these options and I have one more to add.


We should be able to assign a task queue to a specific person. Then if a task is assigned to that queue, that person gets automatically assigned to the task (this might be similar to what ColdCaleb's 1st suggestion is).


So to summarise, there should be 3 options when setting up the workflow/tasks into queues:


1. A common task queue so that the task stays with the owner, just in the new queue. 1 task queue, many owners.

2. An owned task queue which will assign the task owner or contact owner to the owner of that queue. 1 task queue, 1 owner. If the task then needs to go back to the previous owner, it is the responsibility of the person who completes this task to re-assign. Unless it then moves through the process into another owner specific task queue, then it will be auto-assigned again.

3. A task is assigned to an owner and then a queue based on that owner's available task queues.


As a management function, it would also be great to have the custom filters for tasks as suggested by ColdCaleb.


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+1 for this


seems to be so many requested features like this, that shouldn't need so many requests to get added

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I'm just building out sales processes for the team and this would really help. Thanks

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As above, seems like a basic request to be able to put tasks into queues as part of an automated sequence so would like to see this added

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Any word on whether this will be implemented? This is a must have

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We need this as well!

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would be super useful to have 

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Why is this not here?  how are queues even being used w/o this?  

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Please!  Simple request with big time-saving benefits!!

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Agreed! Need this.