Workflows assign task to Task Queue

Workflows with the action "Create a task" should also have the option for the task to be assigned to a specific task queue.

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Agreed. Task Queues are kind of useless if I have to manually add them to a Queue each time. Would be great if workflow made it automatic. 

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Completely agree. This would be very advantageous for us too. 

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Yes!  This would be a huge help to organize my daily work.  The new queues are not very helpful if I have to manually add each thing to a queue.  

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I want to assign tasks TO a particular user (LDR) and IN a particular queue (say, event follow-up).  This seems like an obvious requirement. Doubly important as the Call Queue functionality has left the product.

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Any word on when we will be able to assign the task queue when adding a task within a workflow? The workflow is ideal for assigning tasks to my sales team and I want them to benefit from the automation of task queues, which helps them work through assigned tasks much more quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, some of that efficiency is lost by having to assign tasks to queues. 


That being said, until this feature is added, I have found that you can filter tasks by task type and filter by date range. Then, select all by checking the box. Once you have selected all that have been filtered, you can add that selection to a task queue all at once. My sales team has only 3 different task queues and so this is relatively painless. The time saved by using the Start Queue automation is very valuable. 

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 Could you please make this happen. for sales nd sequences this is very useful.
I'm currently using outreach cause of this.



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 Yes! Queues aren't as helpful if you have to manually add tasks to the queues manually. 

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 I came here to post the same idea. Give us the option of assigning a workflow task to a queue please!


If an admin chooses to delete a queue, there would need to be a warning that certain Workflows rely on that Queue (and display the Worflow names). 

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+1  Introduce this option asap 

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Desperate for this please!


Very important to me. It works as a easy way to categorize tasks!

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9 Months later and still no information on this extremely valuable suggestion. Hubspot, please add this feature or at least respond to this thread. Many of these companies, including my own, are built around prioritizing our tasks. We can't automate that and waste valuable time having to manually assign each task to a queue. 

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I think the message is clear, this suggestion would be very useful to a lot of people. Hubspot, please make it happen!

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Please and thank you. 

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Agreed. PLEASE add this feature ASAP. Atleast let us know you're THINKING about it.


I have workflows attached to campaigns, creating 300+ tasks based on contact interactions that I CAN"T effectively add to queus. ( I can bulk-add 100 of them if i "select all, add to queue") but then there is no real way of knowing if all tasks have been added to a queue, when I continue to the next page of tasks. 


This feature is a must for Sales Pro's.

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HubSpot, exposing queues within workflows is so obviously needed and such an easy fix. Where are you?

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Please, please add this. My sales team have just discovered queues - hailing them as the saviour to their woes, and now I have to break it to them all the limitations around queues. Notably:


1. you cant assign tasks to queues in workflows

2. you cant specify a queue when you auto-create a follow up task when logging an activity. 


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How many more upvotes do we need to get some action on this??? 

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 Definitely agree, Task Queues are useful to work way through stuff but would be exponentially better if could be dynamically added to via workflows.

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Adding my support for this feature request. I'm the HubSpot admin for my sales team and they're very accustomed to automation for the sake of time efficiency back when they were using a power dialer for outbound sales before we adopted HubSpot to grow our inbound sales. Task queues help appease them, but not being able to specify queues when creating a task in a workflow nor when creating a follow-up task in an activity log on a contact's profile are huge limitations to optimizing automation.


As such, my sales reps still vent to me. HubSpot, please, save me...