Workflows: Export to .CSV file action.

Workflows: Export to .CSV file action.


This would allow us to easily "integrate" HS data with many internal systems that just don't exist in All Integrations without the expense of a developer to learn the API and create something.

The more we can easily and cheaply integrate HS data, the more we want to use HubSpot.

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@JoseHan commented in another thread:  @Kayem68 I like your CSV idea but I suspect it would require a lot of development work, but once done would open up so many possibilities. 


We already have the ability to create lists and lists can already be exported.

So it would seem all that's needed is a method to identify a list (that already exists), schedule an export (that can already be done manually), and identify a save location (presumably cloud storage).

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@Kayem68 Does seem like all of the parts are there, just need to put something together. Thanks for the explanation. 

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I want to confirm the details of the person registered in the workflow.


・ Search for target users by date

・ Verification after operation that only the contacts set as conditions are functioning correctly

・ Check the current status of each contact


The goal is achieved, but I want to check whether it is functioning correctly and for the current status report.

In addition, contact information is recorded for each action and it is difficult to understand.

(There is a lot of information recorded in the history of one contact, and it is confusing what to look at the current operation status)


Reflecting only the current state of what is the current action for each contact, it will be helpful if you can see past actions in detail.