Workflows: Add option to send notification to "contact owner" variable


When creating a notification event in Worfklows, it asks for a specific user or team.


This doesn't allow the creation of one workflow that will send the notification always to the current owner, which causes trouble.


Practical example:

  • A lead comes in and is enrolled in a workflows
  • The workflow assigns the Lead to a Salesmen through the "rotate leads" option
  • After 3 days, I want to send the Salesmen a reminder about something related to this lead
  • Since I have no way of knowing which user the lead has been assigned to, there is no way to create the notification

This feature is added in "create Task" options in workflows, but not in notifications:

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 13.55.07.png

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there are built in notifications in Hubspot (check your proile settings) that notify you if you are assigned a contact. Admittedly they cant be scheduled to arrive +3 days later. 

Is there a reason you dont want to use tasks? 
My team use tasks and they get email notification for tasks. Most of these notifications are routed into an email folder and ignored, but some are allowed into the main email feed. We use Outlook mail rules to look for specific task headings to determine which notifcaitons can be filterd off to be ignored. 


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@JosieSA , thanks for your answer!


I do use tasks for some things, but after the task has been assigned I wan't to be able to send notifications.


For example:

If after 3 days of the task being assigned to "contact owner" the contact is still in the lifecycle stage "lead", I wan't to send a reminder to the user "this lead will be automatically deleted in 3 days, last chance".


This is just an example scenario, but it would not make sense to assign a new task to that same person again, would it?


I feel like I am using the tool in a wrong way or very different then others 😕



Would your team work with a reporting dashboard?


You could create a report combining contact and activity data. Use filters for the the contact lifecycle, task name, the task status, task create date. This will give you a rolling view of contacts that are due to be deleted. 

Going with this example, you could create a custom date field on the contact for "expiry date" and then if you have this field in the report, the team can see which contacts havent been contacted and are due to expire and when they expire.