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Workflow triggered when a # of filtered companies is over/below X

I am a Sales Development Leader and I have prospection team that provides me with companies with qualified contacts to reach out. When companies are ready to reach out, they tag them on a custom field that says "Prospected". So SDR filter the companies that have that custom field, reach them out and change that custom field to "SDR in Contact". 

Sometimes is happening that we are short of "Prospeceted" companies to prospect and affects my SDR funnel. So I would like to shoot an automatic email when the companies that have the "Prospected" status are below xx number so Prospection Team speeds up and we reorganize temporary the team. 


So, in conclusion... I would like in Workflows to have an option to be triggered when a # of companies have a field. Currently workflows operate individually. This would be for a sum of companies that meet certain criteria. 

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